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What we do

To reach the highest quality of teaching and learning, it is not enough for educational organizations to have academic expertise. Nowadays, the successful operation of an educational institution requires leading-edge management consulting.

Synergy Advisory builds a long-term cooperation program with educational institutions and shares functional know-hows with institutions that increase the operational efficiency of institutions and unlocks the development opportunities. 


Our Services

Operations Support

• Business process analysis and mapping
• Analysis of HR policies and regulations
• Setting solutions for workflow optimization by blending digital and human capabilities
• Creation of a plan for solutions implementation

Financial Management

• Bank account management
• Corporate finance management
• Investment management

Strategic Consulting

• Unique business purpose identification
• Spotting of a business potential
• Transformation of a business mission to an expansion of boundaries
• Marketing plan enhancement
• Development of complex development strategy

Customer Satisfaction

• Satisfaction with the quality of a particular programme or academic service
• Satisfaction with an ongoing relationship between students & institution
• Satisfaction because a programme met or exceeded the student's expectation

Founders Board

Synergy Advisory strives to bring excellence in the field of Dubai education with research, technology and innovations.

Ilia Melnichuk

• Co-founder
• Former General Manager at Synergy University Dubai
• Over 10 years of excellence in education services field

Walid AlNuseirat

• Co-founder
• Senior Manager Investment & Development at Dubai FDI
• Over 11 years of experience in business development & investments

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